Dong Feng Mei Ren by Chamellia

This is my first time sipping cups of Dong Feng Mei Ren which is a Jasmine and Osmanthus flower blooming tea. I always consider floral tea is very feminime and lovely to enjoy with girl friends for brunch or tea time. That what I actually did all the time in the past! Just want to share, one of the most rejoicing moment of drinking tea for me was having a pot blooming tea back then. At that time maybe only one cafe in my home town serving this kind of tea, which was actually without any explanation of origin or else. Probably the most information the customers (including me and my friends) would know is just it’s called Blooming Tea. That’s all.

We just astonished seeing it bloomed prettily inside a glass tea-pot even it tasted strongly bitter. Me and my girl friends kept ordering it all over again in almost of our visits. We care about the fanciness and maybe nothing else. Funny right? :p Nah, things have changed. As I start growing my interest (and I hope others too) towards tea, it is not only about fancy and pretty looking any longer. I think it is important to be acknowledged of what I consume and put more attention to how it tastes, how it will benefit and please me.

The Dong Feng Mei Ren was bought from Chamellia which is included as one of their Reserve Selection teas. Reserve Selection refers to the higher quality and rarer tea type or they described it on the website as “a collection of the world’s finest single specialty teas“. No wonder the price for Reserve Selection can be considered as high price but you get what you paid for.

Product information according to information card :

  • Jasmine and Osmanthus
  • Country of origin : China
  • Region : Huangshan, Anhui
  • Varietal : Green Tea and Flowers
  • Grade : 1st grade
  • Number of Infusions : 2


This tea smells Jasmine sweet scent which is so nice and inviting . Every single tea ball is packed in a air tight packaging but you can smell the aroma even before unwrapping it. Since this is a floral and also blooming tea that I always consider as a lovely selection. Dong Feng Mei Ren’s pleasant jasmine scent becomes stronger after brewing.

Following the directions, I took 3.15 minutes steeping in 85 degrees C water. Actually, the suggested dose is 350ml water for 1 tea ball (7 grams) but I used a 300 ml pot instead. The awaited moment while steeping this kind of tea is when the tea ball slowly blooming and transforming into a beautiful flower. That is kind of my favorite scene 🙂 The tea liquor is light golden. It tastes sweet, Jasmine-like and the mouth feel remains quite long. Second brewing tastes more bitter, longer mouth feel and stronger astringency.


This is such a nice tea and I think it would be nice to be enjoyed with sweet bites.


6 Comments on “Dong Feng Mei Ren by Chamellia”

  1. SOmehow, this post remind me about my “trauma”
    since the bill comes with 16 USD for a single portion of it in Four Season lounge….hehehe

    • Hahaha. You pay for the name of “Four Season” too. But yes it is so expensive, indeed! Some of the finest dining restaurant even sell $20 for a pot of tea. It’s such a pain in terms of price but those with the best quality ones deserve it. Brewing tea at home is best haha 🙂

  2. lfb says:


    • Hi, I know there is Dong Fang Mei Ren which is an oolong tea. I am not sure if they are the same but according to the product information, this tea is Dong Feng Mei Ren. Your question has made me searching for further and clearer information as now I am wondering myself. I will try to find out first and get back to you! Thank you for the question! 🙂

  3. samuel says:

    pleasant post, i certainly enjoy this website, continue it

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