Fruits of Eden by Tea Drop

To those who live in the Northern hemisphere, I know that you must be enjoying the summer bliss right now! And to those who live around the equator, summer happens for almost the whole year so cherish that hottie weather! For me, tea is a reliable partner to be enjoyed anytime in any occasion. The diversity of tea types makes it possible for me to choose which is the best one to enjoy in a particular time whether it’s hot or cold.

I have a tea selection recommendation that I consider as a perfect partner for summer time. The name of the tea is highly fascinating, Fruits of Eden tisane from Tea Drop. Well yes, this is a tisane (herbal tea) which means the blend contains of herbal mixture rather than leaves from the actual tea bush or sometimes they are even mixed together. This is not my first Tea Drop tea tasting and I have loved this brand since after. Tea Drop is a Melbourne-based tea company run by Sri Lankan tea people.

I consider this tisane as a girly selection not only because the blend contains hibiscus flowers, rosehip, hawthorn berry, cranberry, lemon peel and natural cherry flavor but also because of its pretty color as well. Fruit of Eden tisane comes in a pyramid tea-bag or they call it as “luxury tea pouch”. The dry tea smells strongly berry-fruits and the color looks pretty with the blend of berries, fruit chunks and flower petals. I brewed the tea with 95 degrees C hot water for about 4 minutes following the recommendation then I got red tea liquor with strong berry aroma.

After my first sip, I was totally understand why it is suggested to serve this tisane with sugar or honey. You do really need some sweetener to balance the tart and sourness or otherwise you will frown straight away just like what I did! Lol. I mean it! 🙂 The tisane tastes strongly sour, with tangy finish but also clean in the end. All the fruits used in this tisane originally have sour tendency in flavor so when it comes altogether, you can tell! It’s a wow also really refreshing and awakening!

To perfect your summer time, let the tea cool down, then pour some ice and honey or liquid sugar. Enjoy the hot summer with cooling fruits of eden tisane and you can add fruit chunks to make it more interesting!

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