Honeydew Green Tea from Silkenty

I love tracking down all my folders and checking out if I probably have a forgotten stuff in it. And well yes, my treasure hunting was fruitful this time since I did find something two days ago! It is a review about Honeydew Green tea from Silkenty. I got this tea as a gift from Singapore but actually Silkenty is a Srilankan tea company.

This tea is a mixture of Honeydew melon, apricot and gunpowder green tea that I consider as an interesting blend. The first thing that captured my attention of this Honeydew Green was because this is a gift and I love gift. Who doesn’t? Hahaha. Okay I’m joking.

The first attention grabbing aspect is the lovely tea tin with transparent lid. The tin is white with touch of jade green elements and honeydew melon hand-drawing print. Transparent lid makes it possible for me to peek inside and it’s not because I love peeking, really. I just love to know what is inside my tin. The second attention grabbing aspect was when I opening the tin and got to smell a refreshing yet pleasant honeydew melon aroma.

The tea’s aroma had made me expecting that this is going to be a terrific tea. BUT My hope faded a little bit after seeing the dry leaves. Gunpowder tea has a very thew characteristic where the leaves are rolled perfectly round so the shape becomes similar to black powder or gunpowder. Unfortunately the Honeydew green tea leaves are not rolled perfectly as how it is supposed to be and there are more loose leaves than rolled leaves plus stems too.

Apart from that, I love the sweet dried-melon chunks which tastes like dried-fruit confectionery. I brewed the tea with 95 degrees C hot water for 4 minutes and got a light yellowish tea liquor. Likewise the dry smell, the steeped tea also has a strong honeydew melon notes. This tea is not impressive as I expected before but still, I do enjoy its aroma, sweet bites and the refreshing taste with nuance of astringency.


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