Wen Shan Bao Zhong by Chamellia

Wen Shan Bao Zhong tea or also called Ching Xing Da Ye. Oops. Do you also find it is a little bit challenging to pronounce Chinese words properly?

Born as an Indonesian from Chinese ancestors has made me inherit the oriental-look that always creates a kind of expectation. “You should be able to speak Chinese” but well, I can’t. Even though my language disability wasn’t a big deal back home, it became one since  I started living abroad and I realize how important Chinese language is.

How I wish I could speak Chinese more than what I acknowledged now. But there is always a gap between expectation and reality. Yeah I do understand a little Chinese or Mandarin, but my pronunciation is a joke. So better not to talk in Chinese with me. You say what?!?

It was felt like a slap, yes right on my face. Last year I met some new American friends who speak Chinese fluently. It was slappy because they are real American, not ABC (American Born Chinese) but they do speak Chinese very well. I envy them and also regret. I remember how I didn’t have any interest to learn when I was younger even my mum kept telling me to do so. Oh mum. Then those friends made fun of me and called me fake Chinese (oh well it doesn’t matter, I’m Indonesian though). Haha.


When it comes to say Chinese words like the name of my current favorite tea I try my best to pronounce it well. I really do. Like when I am saying “Wen Shan Bao Zhong” tea. This tea is originated from Pinglin County, North Taiwan. I bought this tea from Chamellia Reserve Selection. Here is more about Wen Shan Bao Zhong based on the product information that is embedded in the packaging:

  • Country of origin : Taiwan
  • Estate : Tsai Family Tea Farm
  • Varietal : chin xin oolong
  • Grade : AA
  • Flush : Spring
  • Number of infusion : 3

The dry leaf is long twisted leaves in dark green color and floral aroma. Following the suggestion, I took 3 minutes steeping in 80 degrees C water. The tea liquor is bright in yellow to greenish color (a bit bias in the picture). It tastes sweet and also creamy at the finish. Second brewing tastes sweeter but less creamy. Both the dry leave and brewed tea has a very nice floral aroma. No kidding, this tea is wonderful in and out. Lovestruck or make it Teastruck.


A confession

I have made more than 3 infusions today, even the taste is getting weaker and weaker but the aroma has spoiled and accompanied me enjoying a fine Friday afternoon blogging. What could be better than Friday, blog, good music and amusing pot of Wen Shan Bao Zhong tea? You tell me!? I bet you wouldn’t find any better than this.

Actually you might, but I’m just too stubborn and will keep considering this as my best kind of afternoon. Describing how my feeling is right now, just simply happy.

Happy week end folks!


2 Comments on “Wen Shan Bao Zhong by Chamellia”

  1. octo says:

    hi darling, how happy I am to find your blog, your writing skills is so chatty and edgy, what a bless to read,.. and your comment about chinese is also interesting, because thats exactly how i feel about my chinese friends, i Grom up with them, then for me they are one of indonesian tribe, just like sundanese, batak and others….never i realize how beautiful our indonesian assimilation, no racism or discrimination,
    Keep up the Good Work…its a medicine for me to read your blog…to comfort the windy and cold melbourne weather….GBU…

    • Hi Octo, thanks for dropping by and of course for your kind words! I feel blessed to read such a comment on a Melb’s freezing day like last Saturday.
      Ah couldn’t agree more! I love my country so much for its diversity, that’s what make us rich inside out! don’t even mind to be called fake Chinese lol..since I’m a truly Indonesian. Yeay!

      Have a great week ahead and hope to see you around! GBU too 🙂

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