Meatball & Wine Bar | Degraves Espresso Bar | Nama Nama

One stop quick lunch for three days in a row last week! I had tea classes with other tea enthusiasts for three days in a pretty tight schedules therefore twas like a rushing one hour lunch each day. But lucky us! Even we dropped by randomly, I could say all of them were yummo!


The first stop on the first day was Meatball & Wine Bar at Swan Lane. Well, I’m not very familiar of this region of Flinders-Flinders Ln-Swan Ln-etc..etc.. and we ran out of time so we just quickly bumped in here! Since it was like 12.30 pm, the cafe was fully packed by guests and guess what, we had to wait to get a table for six. Well to be honest, we only waited for about 2 minutes. Lol.

Everyone ordered meatballs with different combo and mine was Beef Angus balls and creamy polenta in creamy white sauce. I regretted at the end by combining 2 creamy stuffs in one plate! I should have ordered another sauce like Red tomato or the Green pesto one…

meatball-wine-bar-degraves-espresso-bar-nama-namaMy order was great! As a meat lover, I am easily addicted to anything meaty and those meatballs were awesomely juicy! Creamy polenta also nice but it mixed up with the creamy white sauce, so too bad I could barely recognize the sauce. Everyone was satisfied and agreed the meatballs were nice. Twas a great quick lunch, yummy foods in a nice place! I hope to revisit without hurry next time… The only con was the small portion. Ishhh I’m still hangreeehhh :p


AU$ 18,00

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The second day we splitted to smaller groups for another lunch express. My group of two walked down along Flinders street and ended up at Degraves Espresso Bar. Ohmagawd! We didn’t have much time and I was worried seeing the crowds but going to another place would take longer time. So we just sat down and quickly ordered the same menu, Risotto! As our prediction, it took a long time to get our order came out and we started to become impatient. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock….

meatball-wine-bar-degraves-espresso-bar-nama-nama-2 Then right after we raised our hands,,,,,,intended to ask for our risotto, two bowls coming out from the kitchen and we got the signal that they belong to us. Fiuhhh. Eating Risotto in rushing style is not recommended or delightful at all. It was challenging to keep eating in frequent speed in the war of time and heat. Holy Moly, the Risotto was scrumptious, the texture was good and the richness of creamy risotto went very well with melted blue cheese. The overall texture was also a nice combination of crisp olives, tender sliced mushrooms, soft pumpkin in creamy sauce and cheese.


AU$ – 18,00

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Our third day lunch back to bigger group of five! We decided heading to a noodle soup bar at Smith street. We were luckier this time to be arrived at 12 and still not too many people coming there. FYI, in no time after we arrived, the cafe quickly packed by crowds! We felt like a winner watching the waiting list’s guests waiting…

meatball-wine-bar-degraves-espresso-bar-nama-nama-4 Again, all of us went  for the same menu and this time, Udon noodle soup was the star! Some chose beef and the rest went for pork including me. Nama Nama is a cute and playful noodle cafe in modern-Japanese ambient and lucky we were seated in a small room so there were only the five of us inside a small interestingly-decorated room. Nama Nama is also serving coffee that is supplied by Market Lane Coffee but since we all are tea people, we ordered three pots of sencha by LUPICIA instead.

meatball-wine-bar-degraves-espresso-bar-nama-nama7 (2)

Udon was served in a tall white bowl which is beautiful-looking but to be honest, I am not very fond of this shape. The bowl makes it pretty hard to scoop the soup, in addition the spoon is also pretty small so we really need to do more effort in order to sip the broth.

Well, but how’s the udon? It was nice, the savory broth seasoned fit to my liking and smelled so good as well. The thick pork slices were succulent and quail egg perfectly half boiled. Again, everyone was happy with the lunch express.

meatball-wine-bar-degraves-espresso-bar-nama-nama-5 (2)

AU$ – 15,00

Nama Nama on Urbanspoon

Out of the three lunchies, I chose Meatballs from Meatball & Wine Bar as the winner for food experience and Nama Nama for the winning ambient.


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  1. Gw kirain lu salah ketik judul, taunya Nama Nama itu emang nama tempatnya beneran 😛

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