White Tomato Melbourne

This miss little clumsy is back! She was walking down along Bourke street in the Melbourne CBD when captivated by a pretty looking restaurant with “White Tomato” written on the signage. She has noticed this signage before but as long as she knows, this restaurant has not opened yet. In addition she always has in thought this is an Italian Restaurant. But then she found it wrong, it’s actually a Korean eatery.


Well well well..

I was the first guest for the dinner round there and seated in a strategic location to observe the whole restaurant. Okay I am a bit exaggerating, not the whole but let’s say most part of the restaurant. :p White Tomato is a modern yet beautifully designed Korean restaurant. I love the modern ambient and still got the Korean touch from the K-POP songs, smoke duct and the staffs talking in Korean. Those K-dramas and TV series have made me enjoying to listen people talking Korean. Lol.


I hate to have a dinner on my own and I even more hate it since this is Korean food! I tend to have massive batches of food every time I have Korean diner. Too bad my best Korean diner partner distants miles away from here. Ouch.

As a single fighter, I didn’t really have any choice unless went for solo portion and Sundubu Jjiggae was the winner. I know rite…I always couldn’t resist the temptation of Sundubu when it comes to Korean food. Have a look my other Korean food reviews in CJ Lunch Bar, Oriental Spoon, Gami etc. and this menu is always there!

I was considering between Tteobokki and Sundubu at the beginning but the combination of silken tofu and seafood in spicy soup always sound promising. I got my rice and side dishes came first. There you go, pickles, kimchi and creamy tube pasta. Honestly none of them caught my attention. The pickles was okay but kimchi and pasta were too bland for me.


Finally the most awaited star coming, my Sundubu in sizzling pot landed on my table in simmering mode. Yes, me likey! It felt like a treat in a super windy winter evening for me.


White Tomato is such a generous in terms of soup filling. I got big cuts of tofu, numbers of clams, prawns, squids and mussels more than I usually get from other Korean eateries. The soup savoriness and spiciness was perfect but I found the broth savoriness kinda too intense. It was alright at first but later on, I felt both the smell and flavor strongly remained in my mouth. I don’t really like the after effect. Honestly the dinner was a little bit overwhelming by having a full pot on my own. *even though in the end I still finished my dinner, clean and sound* 🙂white-tomato-melbourne-4I must say this is not my favorite taste of Sundubu Jjiggae, but I will consider to revisit White Tomato. I really crave for Korean BBQ and theirs look tantalizing! I should try 🙂
White Tomato on Urbanspoon


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