Minty Strawberry and Lemon Ice Tea

Sunny day in winter is like finding an oasis in the middle of desert. Okay, this is too much, but I loveeee sunny day and warm weather so much! Believe it or not, I am easily affected by the weather. Cloudy or rainy weather makes my mood goes down but warm-sunny day magically boosts my mood up effortlessly. For the joy of this sunny Sunday, I’d love to share my quick healthy tea-based ice drink.


As a treat for this yummy day, I made myself a glass of ice tea combining some of my all time favorite fruits, strawberry and lemon. I used minty strawberry tea from Tea Drop as the base. Minty Strawberry is actually a tea pouch for 1 L pitcher so it’s good as you can store the leftover tea until the next day.

To make a jug of iced tea, brew the tea bag/pouch with hot water for around 5 minutes then add cold water and let it cool down. The best thing is to refrigerate the tea infusion once it’s cooled down but it takes you quite some time. There is a shortcut ,of course by adding ice cubes into your jug if you are going to finish a jug. OR just add ice cubes into your glass so you won’t lose any flavor.

I poured the tea infusion into my glass, added 3-4 ice cubes and to make it even more luscious, I put sliced fresh strawberries and lemon inside. I don’t like having sweet tea as I never use any sweetener while drinking tea but sweet ice tea is an exception! So I drizzled some honey as well and got a glass of slurrrppy ice tea.



Strawberry and lemon never go wrong and mint gives extra freshness. All went well and complement each other. It’s super easy, quick and refreshing! You can make a fancy yet healthy ice drink on your own in no time.

You can “play” as much as you want to make an interesting ice tea, just let your creativity takes part! You can use any fruit tea or flower tea and mix them with your favorite fruits. For this specific recipe, you can use any strawberry flavored tea and add fresh mint instead. Voila!

Just a quick tips, avoid drinking bottled or instant tea as much as you can. The amount of real tea inside those drinks is super limited so there are more chemical and sweetener inside. Drinking it occasionally is fine but I know some people around me consume bottled beverages like everyday and prefer drink it rather than any healthier choice such as water, real tea or real coffee. I am not saying I am super healthy. a clean eater or whatever but we can start small for a healthier lifestyle. Happy Sunday 🙂


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