Matcha by Kenkotea

Talking about Japanese green tea, I believe matcha won’t be missed to be mentioned! This Japanese green tea is one of the most well-known among plenty of other Japanese teas. Matcha is a powdered tea made from the high grade Japanese green tea, and is usually used for the traditional tea ceremony. Apart from that, matcha is also highly used in culinary world even though many of the “matcha” used for cooking is actually green tea powder. There is a misconception that all green tea powder then generalized as matcha when it is actually not.


Happily I was offered to try matcha product from Kenko tea Australia and of course I warmed welcome the offer! Matcha is one of the healthiest choice in green tea family because nothing is wasted when we drink matcha. Got it? AHA moment! Lol. Yes, that’s because we drink every single part of the green tea in matcha and that’s also the reason why we could get so many health benefits by doing so.

I received the parcel from Kenkotea just 2 days after our first correspondence. I got a small silver tin with cute cartoon fox graphics on the outer side. Okay, have to admit I was getting excited with this cute looking silver tin.


Kenko Tea is a Melbourne-based tea shop selling high grade matcha and Japanese tea wares in purpose to bring the best quality matcha to Australian market. Matcha is strongly attached with the Japanese tea ceremony or chanoyu but interestingly the goal of Kenko tea is also to carry matcha out from the traditional tea ceremony and make it an everyday beverage choice.

The matcha powder from Kenko is in pretty vibrant green color and has sweet-vegetal aroma. The dry powder looks a little bit coarse but I find it very attractive at the same time. The dry matcha powder taste sweet and milky. I made brewed the matcha with 80 degrees C water with the expectation it could result in more foam without too many bubbles. The steeped matcha tastes sweet and also very milky at the finish without any bitter notes at all. Even it is milky, I feel the after taste is refreshing.


I had several trials for matcha whisking to get the best flavor as much as possible since I am still learning to whisk in a better method as well. The pictures above was taken after I poured the matcha into white cup in order to make it clearer for photo purpose therefore the foam was already a bit off and the bubbles were popping. It’s kinda a race between taking the picture and keeping the foam-then bubbles stay still in poise.

Even matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony is highly sacred and very noble in Japan, don’t be afraid to play with modernized touch while drinking it. I think there is no strict rules when it comes to tea, everything goes back to each person’s liking. Some family in Japan prefer to have thick foam and bubbles in their matcha but other family has different tradition with thinner and lesser foam. So it is also applicable for modern consumer like us to have the matcha on our own preference.


The picture above is when all the bubbles have gone and the matcha has cooled down for a little while. For a plain traditional matcha, it does taste much better to drink after it’s freshly whisked.

Matcha is a very versatile green tea, means you can play around with matcha powder to create many other foods or beverages creation. I got a suggestion that it is better to pair matcha with vegetal based milk as rice, almond or soy milk. Tomorrow I will update a blog post with a matcha recipe creation using the one I got from Kenko Tea. Don’t miss it! 🙂


3 Comments on “Matcha by Kenkotea”

  1. Sam James says:

    Hi Neysa, thanks for your review and nice photos, but I think you need a better matcha whisk to get more froth on top 🙂

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