Rosebuds Water Infusion

Hi guys! So here I am today tonight having a kind of insomnia. Well I wrote this post at 2.30 am this morning and just continued it when I got back home this evening! It is so annoying that I tend to have a worse sleeping problem every time I really need to wake up early on the next day, or when I have something really important on the next day or when I feel so exhausted. Is it just me or what?

As a result of exhaustion, being a little bit lonely and grumpy, got fined and gone wet under the rain (didn’t bring my umbrella) I had a bad fever about several days back. Lucky the heat went off after one day and the next day I was acting like jelly on my bed, dragging my body to move with so much effort and made myself a small pot of rose water infusion. Rose water for the sick made by the sick, even still be able to shoot some pictures too! Not a very legit sick story, I know.

Rose tea water infusion. Let’s not call it Rose tea when there is no Chamellia Sinensis inside, it is pure rose tisane made of bunch of tiny rose buds in baby pink color. I got this rose buds from Tea Leaves, a tea shop in Sassafras Dandenong for AU$ 18,00 a bag. I know, it’s pretty expensive right, in regards to who’s gonna drink rose buds that often? So to be a more economic tea lover, I splitted it up with my friend and AU$ 9 for each of us is not bad at all. There are 300 rose buds in a bag and we shared 150 each. Kidding. Who’s going to count to get that exact number? So just pretend we have equal amount of rose buds then.

rose-water-infusion-1This is my first time brewing a cup of rose buds as I used to add only 3 to 5 buds in my tea. So basically I used rosebuds to play around, just for setting of or paired it either with my berry tea, regular black tea or green tea and so forth. I always have the impression that hint of rose works well with those teas for relaxing purpose.

Brewing a bunch of rose buds was an exciting experience as I never really had a pure flower infusion. The rose infused water was really fragrant but still in a nice way. The infused liquor was in very bright yellowish color and not to mention, they look so beautiful in glass teapot or tea cup. I didn’t really measure but I used about 20-22 rosebuds mixed up with some rose petals in 350 ml hot water for 3 minutes. I had 2 infusions but the second one was clearly weaker in liquor color and flavor but the aroma was still stand out.

Well, do I love the rose water? Yes I do! The rose infused water is naturally sweet with a hint of fruity flavor at the finish. I always prefer and at most of the time have the tendency to love a naturally sweet infusion. It is refreshing and the rosy fragrant has a calming effect. I feel like jumping and soaking inside my cup!


I posted my rose water infusion on my Instagram and Path account and one of my friend asked where to buy dried rose in Indonesia. To be honest, I don’t know and will try to find any information of where to purchase this. If anyone of you know where to buy dried rose/rosebuds in Indonesia or particularly in Bandung, please kindly leave a comment or contact me! Muchas gracias 🙂



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