Matcha by Fukujuen

Another matcha review in such a short period from my last one. Well, I know but this baby has sat down for about 2 months++ on my cupboard waiting. This past few weeks, I am quite intense with Japanese teas and I reckon it’s such a good time to finally make a review for matcha by Fukujuen as well. Here you go, this is your time to be talked to!

I got this matcha from my dad during his working trip to Kyoto months ago and my mom is very kind to send this tiny 20 grams purple can to Melbourne. Fukujuen is one of the famous Tea Shop in Uji, Kyoto and I have tried their pleasant Fukamushi sencha before. Fukujuen tea is not simply a tea shop but also a tea workshop and restaurants. I bet you’ll be craving straightaway if you check their website and see their tea cooking creations. Just like I did! 🙂 Some people asked me where to buy Fukujuen products but both of the time I always get their products as a gift therefore I couldn’t really help with the queries. But I believe you may find Fukujuen products in some Singapore tea shops (besides in Japan of course).

From the dry appearance, this matcha is pale jade green green, not a green tone that gives me an eyegasm. Dry powder tastes milky and slightly bitter. I made koicha (thin matcha) with 80 degrees C water and it was quite easy to create the foam. Actually I have tried to whisk the matcha with lower temperature water, let’s mention 70 degrees C but it didn’t get me satisfied with the end result. The hotter the temperature, the easier to make that foamy layer but if we set too high temperature, surely it will ruin the tea’s taste.



For me 75-80 C degrees is the best temperature to go with, but taste could be very personal for each person. If you have enough time, I encourage you to experiment with temperature to find which one suits you best. I did some matchaperimentation (matcha experiment) before finalizing my decision which one suits me best!

The whisked tea liquor is in deep jade green color, tasted sweet in a subtle way and strong milky-creamy texture. There was light bitterness and grassy-vegetal notes in this thick bodied whisked matcha too. The tea liquor’s vegetal notes is something that I can barely enjoy at this level of intensity.


According to my tea teacher, the differences of color, aroma and taste between high grade matchas define and represent the characteristics of each growing region. That’s why I found that among 4 matchas that I tasted recently are all different from physical outlooks to tastes. And this is another ah ma zing tea fact that blows my mind.

Matcha should be made from a high quality fully-shaded green tea called tencha and it contains enough caffeine to wake you up. According to my personal experience, drinking any matcha has successfully kept me staying awake and in higher dose, it applies some coffee side effects such as fastened heart beat and flatulence. Thus, it is highly suggested to fill your tummy up before having this powdered green tea! Let’s explore and dig more the fascinating matcha world!


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