One afternoon in Melbourne Spring, wait! Is it even Spring already?!?! Fortunately yes, here we are in the best Melbourne’s weather of the year! I love Spring the most among three other seasons and I believe many of you are on the same side 🙂 I dropped a visit to Wonderbao last week to grab a quick lunch and to meet my curiosity of one of the most popular eatery on Urbanspoon.

Lunch for two resized to be a lunch for one since my friend couldn’t come to meet me up. I was subtly screwed by the heavy wind and my not-so-warm outfit. Hahaha. Wonderbao is located on A’Beckett street in Melbourne CBD. The location is inside a building and I had no idea about this before so I walked round and round looking for this hideous Bao shop.

I went for Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao, Nai Wong Bao (egg custard) and Homemade hot soya milk. I was slightly tempted to order another pork belly bao but I knew I wouldn’t finish them properly.


The order came as quick as 30 secs and tadaaa all of my orders sat nicely in front of me. The homemade hot soya milk is kind of comforter for me with the right sweetness. It reminds me of old good times at home when my mom used to make ones for the family. Really good company in such a chilly day!

Braised pork belly gua bao is to die for! The bao is heavenly fluffy and moist, big chunk of sweet sauced braised pork belly, pickled mustard (I know it as salted cabbage in my country), cilantro and crushed nuts. The dominantly sweet pork belly is well seasoned, very tender and juicy, then combined with crisp pickled mustard (sour-salty), crunchy peanuts and all of them made a great texture combination in one bite! Later on, I just realized they provide Sriracha and almost everything tastes better with Sriracha right?



The Nai Wong Bao is just ok for me. The bao is as good as the one for pork belly but the egg custard is not something special. Yes it’s fluffy, lightly sweet and smooth but I wasn’t WOW-ed by the whole package of the bao.


I spent AU$ 9.20 for my lunch and satisfied with my spending in Wonderbao. This hideous bao shop is a nice escape in busy buzzing Melbourne city where you can get fast and affordable hot foods.

Wonderbao on Urbanspoon


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