It’s Cheeki Time!

“Attention all tea drinkers! Drink tea on the go with Cheeki’s Tea Flask!” – Cheeki Australia

I’m not trumping up if I say my kettle is boiling almost of the time when I’m at home. I love to enjoy my water warm and my tea hot. It is something possible to do at home but when I go out, I have to be satisfied with my cooled down tea. But now I can enjoy my hot tea anywhere and anytime easily using my new tea flask by Cheeki.

Cheeki is an Australia-based company, focusing in food grade stainless steel and BPA-free products such as water bottles, insulated bottles, baby bottles, shakers, flasks, food jars and so forth. The Cheeki tea flask is one of the latest product of theirs, designed to be a handy and friendly portable cup for tea lovers. I got the Envy Green Cheeki tea flask out of the 2 color selections, both are pretty, vibrant and youthful in bold tones! Don’t you agree with me? 🙂


The capacity of 350 ml equipped with easily removable strainer basket is easy to be carried wherever I go. So at my first try, I brewed some flower-blended tea at 11 am in the morning and was busy at university for the whole day. I ended up opening the tea flask at 7 pm in the evening! Cheeki tea flask is designed to keep contents warm up to 6 hours even so, my tea infusion was still nicely warm, fresh and pleasant to be enjoyed after 8 hours waiting. I’m such a happy tea drunkard! 🙂

In the name of convenient, which I reckon also one of the main purpose of this tea flask, I actually prefer brew tea bag rather than tea leaves. Unless when I use the flask at home, of course loose leaf tea is much more preferable for me. Remember not to over-brew or leave the tea leaves inside the strainer for too long, it’s just unpleasant and not right.



Even I have chirped out about spring in Melbourne in my previous post, the winter breeze still unwilling to go and it’s been my 3rd days infusing my tea with Cheeki to keep it warm much longer when I’m home. The cold weather easily cool down my cup and having this tea flask is a really nice way to stay warm rather than reheat your water. Reheating water will cause you loosing some good flavors and natural water contents.

Choose your favorite tea, grab your Cheeki and you are now ready to go!  It’s tea time, it’s Cheeki time!


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