Adriano Zumbo – Sydney

After his appearance on Masterchef Australia, Adriano Zumbo has become a dessert star in the Australia’s culinary world. His name is a blissful wind for any sweet tooth and dessert sucker. Zumbo just opened a new branch in Melbourne but I haven’t got the chance to make visit therefore my review is about his Sydney-The Star Casino Complex one.




The bright, candy-themed store that dominated by candy color like shocking pink and bright orange stands out by itself. Beautifully crafted cakes are sitting nicely on the individual cake display. However thing that brought me here was his phenomenal Zumbarons – or Zumbo macaroons. The main problem every time I am going to buy maccaron, I always have that too much confusion. I don’t know what to choose since all of them look inviting. Fascinating yet tricky names combined with lovely colors. Geez, what a kind of first world problem!


Well, at the end I bought the ½ dozen box and chose Yoghurt and Passionfruit, Pandan Sticky Rice, Salted Butter Popcorn, Apple Pie, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Caramel.


left to right : caramel, apple pie, yoghurt&passion fruit, choco fudge brownie, salted butter popcorn, pandan sticky rice

Yoghurt & Passion fruit : It has the right crips-ness of macaroon, filled with creamy yoghurt in moderate sweet and sour. Pleasantly refreshing.

Pandan Sticky Rice : I must say this one successfully rose my curiosity at its best. It was medium-crisp, gooey-sweet and creamy filling with pandan aroma strike out. The best part of this one was small chop of rice in the filling.

Salted Butter Popcorn : It’s so pop-corn-y, yes you can tell by how it smells. Glad that the shell also tastes right like pop corn and the creamy butter filling enhancing the overall flavor. It’s kind of melted creamy butter with the right sweet and saltiness combination. My favorite one!

Apple Pie : The shell tastes like crusty pie-base, the creamy apple filling is sweet and slightly tart. Oh not to mention the sugar glazed shell is an awe too!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie : Gooey, fudgy chocolate macaroon but a little bit too sweet and filling.

Caramel : I had this recommended by the lady in the shop as one of the most favorite. Too bad it was not as crisp as the rest, it’s just too gooey, soft and sweet. Not my liking!

2 for $5 / 6 for $15  / 12 for $24 / $2.50 for each

Besides the famous dessert train and delectable macaroon selections, customers can find Zumbo’s baking mix powder and baking cook books too. Happy with my purchase and Zumbarons are tagged in a reasonable price. I’m kind of surprised as some ‘not-so-famous’ bakeries sell macaroons in more expensive price but taste mediocre. I have to come earlier in order to try the highly talked cronuts-Zonuts in my next visit!


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2 Comments on “Adriano Zumbo – Sydney”

  1. irene says:

    I love Zumbo’s macs!

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