Losing Weight and Chinese New Year

Finally I can get up and go out after four days bed-resting at home. I was food poisoned on last Sunday. Thanks to that jerk. That “not-so-fresh clams” who had brought me into fever and acute stomachache. But ya’ll know, there’s always something good behind every sorrow. I effortlessly losing my weights!!! Not weight, yes you read it correctly, weightS. Just like most twenty-something women, it seems that I can’t eat as freely as I used to because it’s getting too hard to lose a kilo nowadays. That’s why, at the end I’m glad for this week’s stomachache drama. Pinch me. I may sound so shallow for that reason but whatever works, right? Hahah.

Well well well..I’m on the way to Jakarta right now (2pm this afternoon) and stuck on the toll road. Neither the traffic nor weather is friendly but the show must go on. Chinese New Year family gathering is just too important to be missed out. So here I am, under a stormy rain and traffic jam going to the flooded Jakarta. My friends said I’m crazy for keep going there in this kind of national flood disaster.

Chinese New Year really matters for some reason for me. Here they are…

  1. The first reason is a kind of love-hate relationship. Nobody hates the red envelope on CNY and so do I. That’s the loving part. But at this silvery age,it’s also embarrasing to join the younger peeps lining for envelopes. Hate it.
  2. Foods. Besides Christmas, this is the only occasion when abundance foods are literally abundance. Forget “staying in shape” and go eat tat yummy fatty pork!
  3. Red clothes. I know many families don’t wear red clothes any longer in CNY but in my family, red is still kinda crucial. Pink and orange are still acceptable but wearing black. white or even blue is a big no. “Hey you, you with that blue shirt, you are not allowed to go in, just wait outside..” That’s how strict my family is. I’m joking.
  4. Family reunion. Besides weddings, CNY is the only occasion when most of the family members gather altogether. So imagine hundreds of people talking in Hakka accent wearing red clothes. How festive!

This is the first time I write a post via my mobile and really intend to make it short. Losing some kilos before CNY is relieving so I can eat more without burdened (Hahah).

Happy Chinese New Year to you guys who celebrate! Hopefully the upcoming “Wood Horse” year will bring us greater happiness and prosperity!!!


The Updates and New Year Greetings

I never feel burdened to make blog posting as I’m doing this to sum up my most favorite things all at once : writing, tea and foods. But I realize that I am a little bit off lately for some reasons…

I have been told by my coffee geek bf that once I come back home, many things would be different. I would have less time to do everything that I use to do in Melbourne. And it is going on right now, I can’t believe it.. I hate to say this but I need to write something behind the minimum updates, the postponed blog posts and the late replies I made. These past 1,5 months have been awesome yet awkward for me. I love to be back and close to my love ones (of course) here in Bandung, but I kinda hate the loss feeling. I miss my abundant me time when I lived just by myself and I miss Melbourne already, like so much!

December is much more hectic than what I thought it would be. I have to go to a physiotherapy session twice a week due to my back pain issue, I helped my dad doing some of his projects while taking care of my own project, the Christmas preparation at home that always be hectic every single year and in addition there was a cake expo where my bf’s coffee shop quite suddenly joined and made me spending some whole-days there. I also had my final month and exams of the Tea Master certification this month. I just finished it last week and am so happy for this. Being a Certified Tea Master is the best Christmas and let’s say birthday gift for me this year! Woohoo..!!! All of those things pretty much have successfully kept me occupied.

The year of 2013 has been very awesome and full of surprises and I believe  2014 will also be a great year. I really hope all of you enjoy the holiday season and have a wonderful upcoming year of 2014!


Neysa behind foodandteatraveller

Sunshine Awards, a Yeayy!

It is, really a Yeayy! After two weeks hibernation from the blogging world because of the final examinations at uni, finally this afternoon I could manage to be back. I am so surprise when I checked my glipho andddd there it is, sunshine award blog from teddy! This is my first blog award ever and I’m so happy for this.  Ted, you’ve made my day! I feel rewarded after all the stressful exam weeks :p

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Post the Sunshine Award logo.
2. Nominate ten of your favourite blogs, the ones you can’t wait to read.
Announce the news on their blog and insert a link back to the Nominator’s Blog.
3. Then answer the 4 questions below in order to get to know each other.

1. My favourite weather – I love spring the most as the weather is warm and flowers blooms prettily everywhere. I love to take a walk just to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and views. Even so, I still prefer the weather in my country, Indonesia. We only have 2 seasons, rain and dry where the temperature between those two are nearly the same. I can wear any kind of clothes for the whole year haha.

2. My favourite Social Network – I am not sure if glipho is considered as a social network but I just love this blogging platform! Other choice, it might be Instagram and you know what? the first time I met glipho team also through Instagram 🙂

3. My favourite number – 8. It’s not only because my birthday is on 8th but it’s an even number. I like even numbers.

4. What I have achieved – Maintain my blogging activity for more than 1 year now. I know this sounds so simple but blogging really takes consistency and perseverance, right? I am glad to see where I am now.

10 blog nominees :

teddy – Don’t take it wrong. It’s not because you nominated me, but I do enjoy reading your posts, haha!


Roger Planes




Laura Locket



Rachel Monte

You guys are my favorites over so many great gliphoers. Hope you all have a great week end! ❤


*For all of you who are not in glipho or haven’t heard about it, I will introduce you to this cool blogging platform. Glipho is a new way of blogging, easy and friendly to use where you can meet many bloggers across the globe with diverse specialty topics. Let’s join us on Glipho, guys!