Neysa for Tea

I might have not got enough opportunities to taste different kind of teas and until today the only adventures I have had are mostly with infused and flavored black tea, green tea and white tea. In December 2008, I randomly start having a tea dream while I was studying for my Social Psychology exam. That thought bothered me so much that I started doodling and drawing my dream visualization on my book, in the end I went to my mom and told my thought to her. She frowned at me. Of course, I think I would do the same thing if I were her. What a random and weird thought in the middle of the night during exam weeks by a 19 years old girl at that time.

We have no background or tradition or anything related with tea. So, I just love drinking tea during that time, just that simple.

Well, I would never forget that moment, in fact I couldn’t forget it though. It was, indeed the beginning of my tea dream. I didn’t do any further action after that since my activities at university were unbelievable. I barely find myself going out or even having enough sleep so it was like a forgotten dream but I kept drinking tea in every possible occasion. In 2011, it was the revival of my tea dream after I graduated from my Bachelor degree. I had a thought that I have to start creating the path to do what I want, what I really want. This time is all about me, my desire, my passion for my future. No intention to please any parties, no.

It started with doing a food and tea blog in the beginning of 2012, then having a solo trip to several Australia cities, my first time having tea hunting, tea tasting, reading tea books, tea blog walking, self-learning about tea and etc. I have been very thankful to live here in Victoria, the center of Australian tea industry with so many tea specialty retailers around me. I’m learning, joining community, tasting, writing, doing tea research (Yes I’m doing tea research for my master! so excited about this) that I keep growing and cultivating deeper passion into it.

I haven’t been anywhere of my dream but I am fully aware of creating my path to reach there. I’m not going there instantly, it takes me time, process, hard effort and commitment. I will see you in the realization of my tea dream, Neysa for tea. I love tea and I wouldn’t say  what tea is for me but how I would love, appreciate and grow my fondness into it.

Tea is my way to pamper, indulge and appreciate my self, my body, mind and soul in a respective way.

I drink tea in any occasion, any mood, any condition. Yes when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m bored, when I’m worn out. Tea has become a best friend for me that never fail to comfort and cheer me up.

With love,

Neysa Valeria T. A.


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