Losing Weight and Chinese New Year

Finally I can get up and go out after four days bed-resting at home. I was food poisoned on last Sunday. Thanks to that jerk. That “not-so-fresh clams” who had brought me into fever and acute stomachache. But ya’ll know, there’s always something good behind every sorrow. I effortlessly losing my weights!!! Not weight, yes you read it correctly, weightS. Just like most twenty-something women, it seems that I can’t eat as freely as I used to because it’s getting too hard to lose a kilo nowadays. That’s why, at the end I’m glad for this week’s stomachache drama. Pinch me. I may sound so shallow for that reason but whatever works, right? Hahah.

Well well well..I’m on the way to Jakarta right now (2pm this afternoon) and stuck on the toll road. Neither the traffic nor weather is friendly but the show must go on. Chinese New Year family gathering is just too important to be missed out. So here I am, under a stormy rain and traffic jam going to the flooded Jakarta. My friends said I’m crazy for keep going there in this kind of national flood disaster.

Chinese New Year really matters for some reason for me. Here they are…

  1. The first reason is a kind of love-hate relationship. Nobody hates the red envelope on CNY and so do I. That’s the loving part. But at this silvery age,it’s also embarrasing to join the younger peeps lining for envelopes. Hate it.
  2. Foods. Besides Christmas, this is the only occasion when abundance foods are literally abundance. Forget “staying in shape” and go eat tat yummy fatty pork!
  3. Red clothes. I know many families don’t wear red clothes any longer in CNY but in my family, red is still kinda crucial. Pink and orange are still acceptable but wearing black. white or even blue is a big no. “Hey you, you with that blue shirt, you are not allowed to go in, just wait outside..” That’s how strict my family is. I’m joking.
  4. Family reunion. Besides weddings, CNY is the only occasion when most of the family members gather altogether. So imagine hundreds of people talking in Hakka accent wearing red clothes. How festive!

This is the first time I write a post via my mobile and really intend to make it short. Losing some kilos before CNY is relieving so I can eat more without burdened (Hahah).

Happy Chinese New Year to you guys who celebrate! Hopefully the upcoming “Wood Horse” year will bring us greater happiness and prosperity!!!


2 Comments on “Losing Weight and Chinese New Year”

  1. “But at this silvery age,it’s also embarrasing to join the younger peeps lining for envelopes. Hate it.”

    I’m with you on this one! This year is probably going to be my last time receiving red envelope from my dad… In a sophisticated language, I guess the appropriate term is ” era ku umur”.

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