Melbourne’s Taught Me, Real Life and Dream Chasing

I couldn’t sleep very well and came across to the thought that I don’t really write something about myself on my blog. Of course right, this is a food and tea blog! But I start thinking that it would be nice to share something about myself sometimes. Please enjoy and pardon me for this long story telling 🙂

Looking back to 2008 when my tea dream popped out for the first time then 2012 when I started living in Melbourne and today in 2013, how everything has changed pretty much, drastically, I must say.

Firstly, I’d talk about my 2012 life-changing moment. Living abroad, alone, for the very first time is really a turning point for me. I was such a (what my friend said) spoiled lil brat at home as the youngest and only daughter in my family. The younger version of me had continuously heard my friends call me as “an independent girl”. I had a lot of activities at faculty, university, church and other organizations, I drove along to here and there being busy. But hey! you don’t really know! They had no idea that I was such a F* Princess at home. Haha! 🙂


Melbourne has brought me to learn the reality of real life, where I learn so many “for the first time” stuffs. Confession, I never really done the laundry at home, I rarely do all of the household duties like washing the dishes or even mopping. I never cook and just comfortably focusing on my activities and enjoying life. FYI, in Asia or particularly in Indonesia, it is common to have somebody stay and do all the housework duties as a stay-at-home-maid.

To live on my own, nobody gonna do it for me right? I started to learn everything for the first time. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking, traveling by public transportation and handling all of my problem on my own since my family or even close friends aren’t here. I remember how shameful it was when I didn’t even know how to operate the washing machine and I rang my mom. I was totally embarrased of myself. Melbourne has taught me to be more independent mentally and also physically and this time is for real.

This beautiful city is also where I opened my eyes widely to the fact of there are so many range of teas out there. They are wonderful and exciting to learn about! November 2012, I realized that I really need to start doing some action regarding tea. It was the first point when I began to study about tea on my own, so I did some “research” and took notes for what I consider as “juicy information” from book and the internet.


2013.  In the beginning of 2013, I decided to take tea seriously and claimed that I want to do this for my life! I chose, decided and started focusing whatever I do since that day would be tea-related. My basic notion is to pile and arrange every single piece of my daily life to direct and get closer towards my dream and passion in tea.

I believe it. How the faith in my decision has opened my eyes to more sources, people and opportunities. This is the first time in my life, I feel so convinced and content with my decision and I guess I am now enjoying the vibe! You probably have no idea of how grateful I am to live in the life I live in today. Eh—sounds so confusing!

Well, I feel so thankful for every people that come across in my life and especially who are “staying” with me in this past 1,5 year. I think I learned many things more than I’ve ever done before, I feel more alive, full of gratitude and overwhelmed by love towards everything each day. Looking back is a great chance to connect and reflect how everything’s related to bring us today and to simply say thanks 🙂

Two days ago I met Sarah Cowell, she is a tea educator and writer from Teasense, but I didn’t realize it was her at first. I have read her writings all of this time and so glad to meet her in person! We talked and she told me how she came into tea and what she called “Universe is answering”. I had the AHA moment and really can relate since that’s what I really feel too this year. The phrase remains until at this very moment when I type this post.

Melbourne has brought me to be who I am today, to meet all the wonderful people, new family, good friends, those amazing tea people and has encouraged me to follow what I really love. I experienced all the incredible things I’ve never dreamed of before! My tea journey is just started, I’m such a crawling baby in this path but I want to thank all family, bf, friends and everyone involved.

Of course, thank you Melbourne, you have unfolded all the lessons, realization and opportunities. Even I couldn’t stay for long-term, for me you are now home too. And it’s always nice to be home, right?




4 Comments on “Melbourne’s Taught Me, Real Life and Dream Chasing”

  1. orangutanga says:

    The title “Little ney ney” or “kam**** Up**” are no longer fitting for you!
    Much love and success for the future!


    • Haha thank you Zach! *rabbit style hands*
      love you too, really looking forward to see you in December?

  2. angcitkong says:

    ahhhh liesss !!! it wasnt your mom, it was me who taught you about washing machine lololol… sorry for trolling around.

    Just wanna say proud of ya!

    • happened again at Jim’s house y’know..and yes the first one I rang u and u taught me how to in perth btw :p lololol thank u koko ♥♥♥

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