Big Mama Korean-Japanese Restaurant

Another Korean shot this week! I just had a Korean dinner with my ex-housemate that is still a very good friend of mine. It’s been quite a long time that we never hang out or even meet each other after living in different house, having a long semester break and etc. It’s kinda even harder to pick the perfect time for going out once uni has started. She chose Korean food today and had me decided the dinner place therefore I dragged her to Big Mama. This Korean restaurant is located in the heart of Melbourne city by the end of Swanston street, Carlton. I heard Big Mama which is a Korean-Japanese restaurant has a quite high rate and also my friends said the food are delicious too. 🙂

So here we go! We arrived at Big Mama around 6 pm and fortunately it wasn’t packed by crowd. Yes! We ended ordering 3 main dishes with 2 bowls of rice as we were so starving. She just ate fruits for lunch and me? I even skipped my lunch! 😀 The restaurant has nice and comfy ambience but surprisingly the price is so friendly. I can say compared to the competitor in the same price range, it has better presentation in terms of ambience and food execution.


I think the ttepokki was impressive with generous big slices of fish cake, tteopokki ( Korean rice cake ), onion and noodle in thick red sauce. The sauce was made in perfect combination of sweet-savory and spicy flavors. This one was our favorite!


Tteopokki – AU$ 12

Kimchi Jjiggae

The Big Mama kimchi jjiggae is one of the best I have ever had so far! I love the thick spicy and savory soup base with generous filling as tofu, crystal jelly noodle, sliced pork and kimchi. My friend couldn’t really manage the spiciness but she really love this too! So it was my pleasure to finish the soup while she finishing tteopokki.


Kimchi Jjiggae – AU$ 15

Seafood Sizzling BBQ

A sizzling BBQ seafood platter always sounds so inviting for me! We had salmon, squids, prawns, clams and mussels that served with typical Korean BBQ sauce and wasabi. I love all of them especially the prawns and salmon. I could taste the sizzling smoky flavor while eating them and it was so yum!


Seafood Sizzling BBQ – AU$ 18.50

Unlike most of Korean Restaurant, we didn’t get any kimchi or other Korean typical side dishes today. We had mayonnaise fried battered squid, stir-fried mushroom and fish cake in coconut milk sauce instead in Big Mama. Not bad 🙂


Overall Big Mama Korean-Japanese Restaurant restaurant has great deal of foods with nice ambience and prompt service, so this is absolutely another recommended Korean eatery in town! 🙂


Big Mama on Urbanspoon


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