Milk Oolong by Teavivre

I’ve been a sucker for Oolong tea these past few months. I found Oolong or also known as blue tea is very enticing and fascinating once you get to know more about it. So glad that I got the chance to try Jin Xuan Milk Oolong from Teavivre recently. They sent me some of the nicest teas generously which came in 2 pockets for each tea types. From its name, I found Milk Oolong is very inviting and more to add this is a combination of my two favorite beverages, Oolong and milk. I couldn’t wait to savour it fast!


Name : Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong
Origin: Alishan, Nantou, Taiwan

Dry Leaf before Steeping
Dry Aroma : grassy, floral-Osmanthus flower
Dry color : olive to dark green with some yellowish tinges
Dry shape : tightly rolled leaves

After Steeping (gaiwan style)
Wet Aroma : floral, fresh light grass and sweet
Liquor color : pale yellow / light gold / denser gold
Amount of tea : 3.5 grams (or nearly using all of the sample pack)
Amount of water : 6 oz
Water Temperature : 98˚ C
Steeping Time : rinse / 1 minute / 2 minute / 2.5 minute
Wet leaf : olive green with fine yellow outer linings


1st infusion : The tea has thin body, clean in the throat, tasted sweet and left light aftertaste. Rather than milky or even creamy, I found it tasted more vegetal and light floral but overall it was a pleasant cup. I was really anticipating the second cup would taste milky and creamy just like its name!
2nd infusion : The second infusion was my favorite as it tasted sweeter, milkier with thicker body and silky texture. It wasn’t very milky or creamy though, but I could taste those notes clearly. Apart from that, this infusion also resulted in stronger aroma too. I also really pleased by the sweet aftertaste that lingered long in my palate.
3rd infusion : The liquor seemed a bit paler and the aroma was somewhat faded. This infusion still tasted quite nice with more vegetal tasting note and light astringency.


The tea is nice to be enjoyed on its own but I reckon pairing it with lightly sweet dessert and fresh-cut fruits would be great too. I actually expected to get milkier notes but overall this Milk Oolong is scrumptious regardless.