Storm in A Teacup Melbourne

I never really get the idea why quite a lot of people that I know, could not enjoy themselves in a solemn me-time. I was thinking this is influenced by the strong collective culture in my country which might be true, or not. However for me, I love it, I just really love and cherish those kind of moments!  Be grateful as I got the chance of enjoying some of my-all-time-favorite-things at once, which was having a solo brunch and tea time.Camera 360 So last week I went to Storm in a Teacup, a tea-shop and tea-bar in Collingwood suburb, which is a hype area close to Melbourne CBD. Collingwood is one of the hypest and trendiest district for the Melbournian young professionals these days. This tea bar is only serving and selling specialty tea selections which means they only have the high quality single origin teas or those rare type of teas in their shop. Oh me likey!

Initially my first intention of going there was not for having a relaxing morning brunch or tea time even in the end I found myself did it. After a brief talk with the passionate and gracious owner, I decided to stay for eating brunch and trying their tea selection!

Oh well, actually I also just want to treat myself for a while from the busy buzzing days. Maybe I’m not that busy anyway, but my mentor said even when you’re not, just pretend that you really are. Hahaha. This is not applicable for everything though so don’t take it wrong, folks!

Storm in a Teacup is a lovely tea bar and tea shop with dainty decoration on the entire corner of the shop. I could feel the lively, young and dynamic atmospheric here that perhaps kind of unusual for a tea place, really interesting. Storm in a Teacup’s capacity is probably 20-22 seats including the small terrace area. And even the shop is pretty small, it is comfy and well-concepted with domination of turquoise color or let’s say it mint.

I was a little bit puzzled looking at wine bottles and liquors are lining on the bar area at the beginning. Later on I got the idea of the tea-bar which I reckon very impressive. They don’t only do the “traditional” fashion of drinking tea with the specialty tea selections but they also serve tea coctail (combining tea with liquor). Apart from that, there are sweet bites, brunch, booze and also organic wines on the menu list.Camera 360

For my brunch, I ordered Baked Eggs with smoked ham in tomato ragu sauce which also came with greens, Labneh and toasts. Ragu sauce is the Italian meat-based tomato sauce that we usually meet is paired with pasta. The tomato ragu was a little bit too sour for me but actually it went well together with the eggs and ham. The combination of greens, labneh (Greek yoghurt) and toast were such a pleasing combination that I personally have always loved.

Camera 360

Oh well, not to forget they also sprinkled sesame seed and nuts over the top side of the baked eggs. The sprinklers gave more texture and flavor to the whole dish. If I have to describe, it was just tantalizing when being eaten together!

Camera 360

Baked Eggs – AU$ 16

For the cups, I had Fukamushi Sencha (Japanese green tea) and Ancient Moonlight white tea. I am not a newbie for Fukamushi Sencha and have been quite familiar with the taste.

Ancient Moonlight is white tea that I have heard but never tried before. After scanning the tea description, I was even more attracted. How wouldn’t I??? It is said “This tea is handpicked and processed from 400 years old trees. The name is due to its unique shape and color, white on top and shadowy black underneath which resembles the moon.”

This is my second infusion, the color is darker compared to the first picture.


I really like how they serve the tea in a clear glass so we can see through the real gradient of the tea. What a good place with such a nice tea experience. Even it takes me almost 50 minutes, I would love to come back to Storm in a Teacup. Probably to have a cup of tea with their sweet selections, a slice of brownies or Turkish delight will do.


Storm in a Teacup on Urbanspoon

*PS : They do retailing all of the tea as well, so you can either have a cup of tea on site or buy the tea leaves to take home!


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