Ginseng Oolong by Teasenz

When I was much younger, let’s say 8, my mum used to “force” me and brother to chew some small pieces of “wood”. We always got the supplies from my grandmother who consistently sent them for us. I hated the flavor, the smell and extremely wondering how could people say this “stuff” (later I knew it was ginseng) nice no matter  how healthy it is. Well, routines had me used to it and that “ginseng chewing” or drinking brewed ginseng became normal even though I still couldn’t find it nice.

I had no idea that one day I’d fall for ginseng beverage like a lot. This is not my first Ginseng Oolong and really thanks to Teasenz for this beautiful tea that has captivated me so much once I drink it! Teasenz Ginseng Vitality Oolong is produced using superior oolong tea mixed with ginseng roots.

Name : Ginseng Oolong
Origin: Alishan, Taiwan

Dry Leaf before Steeping
Dry Aroma : herbaceous, dry ginseng, lightly nutty and toasty
Dry color : light green with yellow mottles
Dry shape : tightly rolled and rounded leaves in uniform sizeginseng-oolong-by-teasenz

After Steeping (gaiwan style)
Wet Aroma : sweet, ginseng, lightly smoky, earthy undertones (at the 5th infusion)
Liquor color : light yellow (the steeped leaves were still rolled pretty tight until the 3rd infusion) a delightful good sign for more steeps!/ stronger color intensity until 4th steep then it slowly became lighter
Amount of tea : 3 grams
Amount of water : 6 oz
Water Temperature : 98˚ C
Steeping Time : rinse / 30″ / 1′ / 1’15” / 1’30” / 2′ / 3′ / 3’30”
Wet leaf : full dark green leaves

I had eight steeping including the rinsing step and I am pretty sure the tea could actually go for some more steeps. Honestly, multiple steepings is one of the reason why I like Oolong teas in general and this Ginseng Oolong hit the top notch in multiple infusions.

The first infusion was a light body, sweet and clean in the throat. The subtle ginseng sweetness harmonized with nutty and toasty notes. The 3 following steeps were stronger in color intensity and body but my favorite was the 4th one. The color was the most vibrant with silkier-thicker body, tasted sweet ginseng with hint of honey. More interestingly, I found that the leaves also slightly start unfurling at this time. In the next three steepings, the tea slowly went mellower and lighter in any aspect.


Ginseng Oolong is simply delicious and very pleasant to drink as the sweet aftertaste lingered long in the mouth. Obviously you can’t rush this tea because you will regret to ignore its optimum potential for multiple steepings! If I have to describe it with three words, it would be sweet, relaxing and revitalizing!