Angus Beef Cheese and Bacon Pie from Four’N Twenty

Statistic has recorded that Australia sells 50.000 pies per hour! Let me repeat, yes it is 50.000 pies in one hour. OH MY GOSH.

That was my first reaction after reading the statistic. Meat pie is very popular in Australia and it is said the pie production has grown into that spectacular number between the years of 1948 to 1998 (data from Four’N Twenty Wiki page). Australian loves having meat pie for brekkie or just snacking or other alternative is as a perfect companion while watching footy.

Since my first visit in Australia as a tourist then actually live here as a student, I also have cultivated a meat pie addiction. Those days when I used to help my cousin in his bakery last year, the only product I consistently grabbed to eat was pie. I tried steak and mushroom one day, chunky beef on the next day, then tried the feta&spinach on the other day and so on. Phew. Basically I do love pastries especially the savory ones but I must say none as good as those pies here in OZ.

What a fortunate fate for me to be here and I could enjoy the yummy pie anywhere even from the frozen ones. Four’N Twenty Meat Pie is so popular in Victoria and can be found in any market in this state. Sometimes, even the bakery’s pie is too dry and the filling is just not very tasty (even they said it’s freshly made) but the pie from Four’N Twenty is divine. Meat pie is one of my best partner and the Angus Beef Cheese and Bacon Pie from Four’N Twenty is my current favorite.


This actually one of my favorite flavor since I love almost everything cheesy and meaty. The producer of Four’N Twenty is very thougthful with the super generous cheese filling that really has spoiled my tummy. The most awaited moment of eating this kind of pie is when I cut down the pie, taaa-daaaaa, an overflowing stream of melting cheese and beef bacon in gravy sauce seem like seducing me. It is indeed very flavorful and no wonder in some particular condition, I could finish 2 pies in a row! Fat, yes.

Apart from the heavenly cheesy filling, it’s easy to prepare this pie too (of course, that is the point of buying frozen product though). Actually I reckon it is nicer to heat the pie by oven but sometimes if I’m too lazy (which happens almost all the time), I will just use the microwave instead. Since every microwave works in different fashion, you may need to have a trial and error first until you get the best one. Mine is 2.30 minutes for thawed pie and 3.30 minutes for the frozen pie.



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