Breakfast at Tea Rooms Matilda Bay

I went to Tea Rooms Matilda Bay for breakfast this morning. It is a seaside/lakeside kind of restaurant, which has indoor and outdoor parts. The outdoor parts furnished with wooden tables and chairs, shady trees and great view of the bay. I really love the ambience there..

Me and my cousin ordered Big Breakfast and shared it for the two of us. It consists of 2 eggs, bacons, tomatoes, baked beans, sauteed champignons, hashbrowns and toasts. For the drink, we had Darjeeling tea and mixed it with milk. The service was quite good, the taste was good. Because this kind of food tastes nearly the same everywhere. But I really love how they cooked the eggs perfectly and the fresh tomatoes.

But overall I did, really enjoy my breakfast time there..!!!
Such a great place to have a happily dining with a great view..

This is the view

AU$ 18.5 for the Big Breakfast
AU$ 9.0 Darjeeling tea (for 2 in a teapot)

08 9386 9229
3B Hackett Drive Map.442320a
Crawley, WA 6009

Matilda Bay Tea Rooms on Urbanspoon


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