Oishii Sushi Bar-Brisbane

First time going here and had a delightful experience eating sushi and sashimi. 🙂
When I was here, I ordered salmon sashimi, red roll, scallop nigiri, Himawari and Spider Roll (The last two menus are their famous fusion sushi). They also have hot food menus like udon, curry and etc. Too bad I didn’t try any of them, so I should go back there someday to try other menus (such as one of their best rice-less sushi!!!).

First the sashimi – Price AU$ 17
The salmon sashimi cut pretty thick than I usually find in another Japanese Restaurant. But they also cut the salmon slices into thinner size and formed them as rose. The presentation was pretty. They also famous for their fresh and good quality fishes. And yes, it was really delicious. Even their wasabi is fresher, spicier and of course tastier here. Such a worth food to re-experience!

Scallop Nigiri – Price AU$ 5
This is my 1st time eating raw scallop. I usually don’t have interest eating raw scallop, but I informed that many people love the scallop here. It tasted sweet, pretty nice, chewy but yeah I don’t really like the sensation in my mouth after swallow it. Hehehe.

Himawari – Price AU$ 10.50
This fushion sushi is made by deep fried chicken with avocado paste, seasoned with egg rice seasoning and sesame seeds, served in 8 pieces. This one tasted so good, soft egg covered the rice and a crunchy fried chicken inside with sweet avocado paste.

Spider Roll – Price AU$ 13.00
This one also really tasty, made by soft shell crab tempura, rolled with Kani-tama (Japanese fish-cake and egg), salad, cucumber and covered with tobiko, served in 8 pieces. I love this one because of the really delicious soft shell crab tempura inside the sushi roll.

Red Roll – I forgot (around AU$ 15.00 I guess)
This one is raw salmon sushi, with diced avocado, mayo sauce and poppy seeds on top, served in 6 pieces. The good quality salmon makes this sushi tasted good.

On my coming there, it was their 6th anniversary celebration. Happy Birthday Oishii Sushi Bar!!!
All the best for all

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2 Comments on “Oishii Sushi Bar-Brisbane”

  1. jaydenwilson says:

    All of the Brisbane bars Oishii Sushi bar is really nice. The service provided by them really good.I also experienced the food course of this bar and it is really awesome specially the Himawari !

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