Our Homemade Salmon Teriyaki

In my last Wednesday in Melbourne, we decided not going out and just cooked our dinner at home and since we also have bought fresh salmon so just going to make something good with it. At first I begged to make sushi that I never resist to eat them up. Hehe. But after sequence of incidents xD, the sushi was suspended and we started making salmon teriyaki. My cousin’s wife made the teriyaki sauce herself (I don’t even know how she made it and Tadaa it served nicely). Oh I’m so lacking in this kind of thing, I learned how to make the skin keep crunchy until the last cooking’s step from my cousin. I have to make sure the skin dry enough before put the salmon into oven for just a moment. Make sure (again) the skin dry enough before grilling and cooking the inner side. While grilling, put some sauce on it.

The salmon teriyaki served with rice and salad consists of egg, crab stick, sliced cucumber skin, and of course Kewpie mayonnaise (enak banget!!!). After grilling the salmon, put it on fresh raw spinach then put some thickened teriyaki sauce, added with sesame seed and sliced nori. Yayaya just like that but it was so delicious…


One Comment on “Our Homemade Salmon Teriyaki”

  1. […] to make a cruchy skin and well cooked salmon flesh. I did all the steps just like he did (look my Salmon Teriyaki in Melb), Yes at first everything ran out well, successfully made the skin crisp. But when I was […]

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