5 What to Eat in Malang

I just had a trip to East Java with my family after the New Year day. Actually it was a short 8-day trip to Malang and Surabaya only. We had so much fun and also ate so many delicious foods! Consider myself lucky for having a fellow foodies family. Forget pizza, steak or sushi as in this post I will reveal some of the (un)/traditional foods you have to eat when you are in Malang!

Nasi Pecel Mustika Panderman

What to eat : Nasi Campur and Nasi Pecel
Price : IDR 9000 – 15000 / $ 0.90 – 1.50
Highlight : This place has been established for long time and also very well known in Malang. The price is very affordable and the portion is just right for breakfast.
Address : Jalan Rajekwesi No.10, Malang – East Java5-What-to-eat-in-malang

Nasi Campur

Nasi Pecel

Rawon Nguling

What to eat : Rawon dengkul (knee), Rawon daging, Sayur Lodeh
Price : IDR 10000 – 57000 / $ 1.00 – 5.70
Highlight : The rawon dengkul was amazingly flavorful with rich broth, the knee parts were chewy yet tender and came in big portion fit for 2-3 persons.
Address : Jalan KH Zainul no.62, Malang – East Java / 0341 324684


Rawon is served along with raw beansprout and relish


This kind of plate will be served on every table directly even we do not order. We pay what we eat from the plate.

Nasi Bhuk Matirah Madura

What to eat : Rice with some selections of proteins such as tempeh, empal (sweet fried beed), fried innards (tripe, paru, and etc.). The rice is also served with rawon or lodeh tewel (jackfruit lodeh).
Price : IDR 9000 – 15000 / $ 0.90 – 1.50 (depends on what and how many pcs you choose)
Highlight : All of the innards are cooked nicely, tender and well-seasoned. The rawon is also really nice, a more savory type compared to the sweet-savory broth of the one in Rawon Nguling.
Address : Jalan Trunojoyo no. 10EF (nothern side of Kota Baru Train Station) / 0341   7703377


Nasi Bhuk


Nasi Rawon

Depot Gang Djangkrik

What to eat : Pangsit mie (Wonton noodle), Baikut goreng (Fried pork ribs), Kolokee (sweet and sour chicken), Tami seafood (seafood crispy noodle)
Price : IDR 10000 – 60000 / $ 1.00 – 6.00
Highlight : Malang is famous for its Cwie Mie or Pangsit Mie or Noodle, Gang Djangkrik is one of the most notorious place to eat best cwie mie in town. They cook delicious Chinese foods in proper portions fit for family diner.
Address : Jalan Kawin kios 26, Malang / 0341 566283


Seafood Crispy Noodle / Seafood Tamie


Kolokee / Sweet and Sour Chicken

Java Dancer

What to eat/drink : Single origin coffees in various brewing method, chocolate, tea, light bites like fried mozzarella cheese and pizza
Price : IDR 10000 – 80000 / $ 1.00 – 8.00
Highlight : They serve (said as the best) coffees in Malang! More to add, Java Dancer is a really nice place with Javanese traditional ambient that would make you stay for hours.
Address : Jalan Kahuripan no. 12, Malang, East Java / 0341 8199899 / www.javadancer.com





Cheong Fun RM Medan Pasar Rame, Jakarta

Cheong Fan, is a flat rice noodle (if translated, it means steamed rice roll) which originally from China but in Indonesia, we call it chong fan. I use to eat chong fan/cheong fun in Chinese restaurants that serve dim sum or yam cha. The flat rice noodle usually filled with minced pork, beef, prawn, vegetables, scallops, crab and etc. It really depends the restaurants’ creativity in mixing up the filling. After that, cheong fun then rolled and poured with salty/sweet soy sauce (sometimes served with fried shallots or chives on top).

Pork cheong fun. Picture credited to http://www.yelp.com

In this post, I’m going to review Cheong Fun from Medan Pasar Rame Restaurant that is located in Mangga Besar, Jakarta. In Indonesia, cheong fun is very well known in Medan as one of their street food unlike in my city, Bandung, we can nly find it in Chinese Restaurants for dim sum menu. In Jakarta, there are many Medanese selling Chinese-Medan foods especially in Chinese area (Chinatown-like area) including Mangga Besar. I’m not going to joke, Chinese-Medan foods are utterly very good. This cheong fun is slightly different with the ones I usually eat for dim sum because they cut the noodle paper into smaller pieces and fried it with seafood, beef and vegetables. Hmmm sounds good, right?


The simple menu where they don’t offer wide range of selections.

And well yes, the fried cheong fun (cong fan goreng in Indonesian) tastes good! It is dominantly salty and savory because of the salty soy sauce (that’s why the color is pale), mixed with sliced pork, prawn, meat ball, fish ball, egg and vegetables. The cheong fun itself, is a bit sticky at the beginning, actually it is not so different with kway teow that also made by rice flour too. If you see the picture below, surely you may think it doesn’t look any different with fried kway teow. Hehehe, that’s true but fried kway teow will  taste dominantly sweet because of the sweet soy sauce and kway teow has narrower cut than cheong fun.

Chong-fan-medan-pasar-rame-jakarta-1One portion of fried cheong fun – IDR 29,000 or US$ 2.90

If you haven’t got the experience to taste cheong fun, you should! Seriously it’s very good especially for a night out eating. Let’s eat cheong fun and have fun!

Medan Pasar Ramai Restaurant
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No. 4a
Jakarta – Indonesia