5 What to Eat in Malang

I just had a trip to East Java with my family after the New Year day. Actually it was a short 8-day trip to Malang and Surabaya only. We had so much fun and also ate so many delicious foods! Consider myself lucky for having a fellow foodies family. Forget pizza, steak or sushi as in this post I will reveal some of the (un)/traditional foods you have to eat when you are in Malang!

Nasi Pecel Mustika Panderman

What to eat : Nasi Campur and Nasi Pecel
Price : IDR 9000 – 15000 / $ 0.90 – 1.50
Highlight : This place has been established for long time and also very well known in Malang. The price is very affordable and the portion is just right for breakfast.
Address : Jalan Rajekwesi No.10, Malang – East Java5-What-to-eat-in-malang

Nasi Campur

Nasi Pecel

Rawon Nguling

What to eat : Rawon dengkul (knee), Rawon daging, Sayur Lodeh
Price : IDR 10000 – 57000 / $ 1.00 – 5.70
Highlight : The rawon dengkul was amazingly flavorful with rich broth, the knee parts were chewy yet tender and came in big portion fit for 2-3 persons.
Address : Jalan KH Zainul no.62, Malang – East Java / 0341 324684


Rawon is served along with raw beansprout and relish


This kind of plate will be served on every table directly even we do not order. We pay what we eat from the plate.

Nasi Bhuk Matirah Madura

What to eat : Rice with some selections of proteins such as tempeh, empal (sweet fried beed), fried innards (tripe, paru, and etc.). The rice is also served with rawon or lodeh tewel (jackfruit lodeh).
Price : IDR 9000 – 15000 / $ 0.90 – 1.50 (depends on what and how many pcs you choose)
Highlight : All of the innards are cooked nicely, tender and well-seasoned. The rawon is also really nice, a more savory type compared to the sweet-savory broth of the one in Rawon Nguling.
Address : Jalan Trunojoyo no. 10EF (nothern side of Kota Baru Train Station) / 0341   7703377


Nasi Bhuk


Nasi Rawon

Depot Gang Djangkrik

What to eat : Pangsit mie (Wonton noodle), Baikut goreng (Fried pork ribs), Kolokee (sweet and sour chicken), Tami seafood (seafood crispy noodle)
Price : IDR 10000 – 60000 / $ 1.00 – 6.00
Highlight : Malang is famous for its Cwie Mie or Pangsit Mie or Noodle, Gang Djangkrik is one of the most notorious place to eat best cwie mie in town. They cook delicious Chinese foods in proper portions fit for family diner.
Address : Jalan Kawin kios 26, Malang / 0341 566283


Seafood Crispy Noodle / Seafood Tamie


Kolokee / Sweet and Sour Chicken

Java Dancer

What to eat/drink : Single origin coffees in various brewing method, chocolate, tea, light bites like fried mozzarella cheese and pizza
Price : IDR 10000 – 80000 / $ 1.00 – 8.00
Highlight : They serve (said as the best) coffees in Malang! More to add, Java Dancer is a really nice place with Javanese traditional ambient that would make you stay for hours.
Address : Jalan Kahuripan no. 12, Malang, East Java / 0341 8199899 / www.javadancer.com





Kedai Satay Melbourne

One of the perks of living in a such multi culture city like Melbourne is you can find foods from almost everywhere in the world. The word “every” here also refers to my home country, Indonesia. Actually there are quite a lot of Indonesian in Australia in general and in Melbourne in particular therefore no wonder that we can find some Indonesian eateries especially in the city.

This time is about Kedai Satay, an Indonesian Restaurant that I visited with two of my cousin’s friends from Perth. It was a such a funny meeting since all of us have not met each other before but fortunately it turned out as a great dinner time. They asked me taking them to an Indonesian Restaurant and I offered Kedai Satay. It was a warm pre-winter night when we went there. Well, it was warm for me as a Melbournian but those Perth folks were feeling cold. :p  I arrived around 7 and both of them have been waiting for me there. As we were all starving, it didn’t take a long wait until we decided what to have.

Kedai Satay is a regular 2 storey restaurant in the city of Melbourne. Unlike most of the Indonesian Restaurants I have visited, we do not need to order and pay in advance. So customers can take a sit, have a look at their menus and order once they are ready. I always prefer this kind of restaurant rather than the order-pay first.

Grilled Beef Ribs

This seems to be one of their best and most favorite menu! My friend ordered this and it came to all of the expectations. It smells good and the taste was even better. The meat was tender and juicy with peanut-sweet soy sauce and fried shallot served with rice and also crackers. Everything went very well together!Kedai-Satay AU$ 14.50

Nasi Uduk

Nasi uduk is one of Indonesian style in cooking rice with coconut milk so the rice tastes savory and has sweet aroma. Nasi uduk served with fried chicken, fried noodle, egg, sambal (Indonesian relish), kering kentang (thinly sliced fried potato and peanut mixed together) and also fried shallot. Fried shallot is kind of necessary when it comes to Indonesian food even though not everyone likes or actually uses it.


AU$ (+- 12.50)

Nasi Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is one of Indonesian’s most popular and favorite dish, which is sambal (relish) that crushed over fried chicken and usually served with rice. In  Kedai Satay, they use fried relish which tastes dominantly sweet, it was quite nice but not how I like ayam penyet’s relish would be. I know it may sound not very objective as I love savory and salty foods than the sweet ones. But I think it would be nicer if the relish has both combination of sweetness and savory rather than being too dominant in one flavor.

The chicken was fried nicely, pretty big and they gave me the crumbs too that I like very much. The only issue about my ayam penyet is the plating and vegetables’ cutting. I must say, it was not appetizing at all. Tell me what do you think of the photo below. 🙂


AU$ – 10.50 (8,50 for Ayam Penyet and 2.00 for white rice)


Pempek is a traditional dish from Palembang, South Sumatra in Indonesia. It is a savory fish cake that usually served with noodles and dark sauce (sweet-sour sauce because of the using of vinegar). The pempek (fish cake) in Kedai Satay was a little bit too salty but the dark sauce was nice. The same issue with ayam penyet, I think the plating also did not go well. It was served in a bowl and they mixed the fish cakes with the sauce directly.


AU$ 8.00

I reckon all the foods are just pretty good in a very reasonable price too. It is not bad for someone who misses Indonesian food or just want to have a great grilled ribs (I think the grilled selections are actually their strength, so it is suggested to order those ones). Besides the location and food, everything else was just regularly done. Even so, I had a great time in Kedai Satay and I was glad that my friends really enjoyed the Indonesian dinner too.

6,8 / 10

Kedai Satay King Street on Urbanspoon

Cheong Fun RM Medan Pasar Rame, Jakarta

Cheong Fan, is a flat rice noodle (if translated, it means steamed rice roll) which originally from China but in Indonesia, we call it chong fan. I use to eat chong fan/cheong fun in Chinese restaurants that serve dim sum or yam cha. The flat rice noodle usually filled with minced pork, beef, prawn, vegetables, scallops, crab and etc. It really depends the restaurants’ creativity in mixing up the filling. After that, cheong fun then rolled and poured with salty/sweet soy sauce (sometimes served with fried shallots or chives on top).

Pork cheong fun. Picture credited to http://www.yelp.com

In this post, I’m going to review Cheong Fun from Medan Pasar Rame Restaurant that is located in Mangga Besar, Jakarta. In Indonesia, cheong fun is very well known in Medan as one of their street food unlike in my city, Bandung, we can nly find it in Chinese Restaurants for dim sum menu. In Jakarta, there are many Medanese selling Chinese-Medan foods especially in Chinese area (Chinatown-like area) including Mangga Besar. I’m not going to joke, Chinese-Medan foods are utterly very good. This cheong fun is slightly different with the ones I usually eat for dim sum because they cut the noodle paper into smaller pieces and fried it with seafood, beef and vegetables. Hmmm sounds good, right?


The simple menu where they don’t offer wide range of selections.

And well yes, the fried cheong fun (cong fan goreng in Indonesian) tastes good! It is dominantly salty and savory because of the salty soy sauce (that’s why the color is pale), mixed with sliced pork, prawn, meat ball, fish ball, egg and vegetables. The cheong fun itself, is a bit sticky at the beginning, actually it is not so different with kway teow that also made by rice flour too. If you see the picture below, surely you may think it doesn’t look any different with fried kway teow. Hehehe, that’s true but fried kway teow will  taste dominantly sweet because of the sweet soy sauce and kway teow has narrower cut than cheong fun.

Chong-fan-medan-pasar-rame-jakarta-1One portion of fried cheong fun – IDR 29,000 or US$ 2.90

If you haven’t got the experience to taste cheong fun, you should! Seriously it’s very good especially for a night out eating. Let’s eat cheong fun and have fun!

Medan Pasar Ramai Restaurant
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No. 4a
Jakarta – Indonesia

Mie Djogja Pak Karso dan Ayam Penyet Surabaya

No matter what, home is home. The same as food, the place of origin is everything. As you can find the best Indonesian food only in Indonesia.

I am so happy, in the last minute of my holiday, I could revisit this small humble restaurant with my family. Located in a quite packed area, Mie Djogja Pak Karso and Ayam Penyet Surabaya has never failed me even once. I dedicate the best Mie Jawa (Javanese style noodle) and Ayam – Bebek Penyet (relish crushed above fried Chicken and Duck ) in town to them. This is one of my favorite place for a late dinner as they open the shop until 10.30 pm. Such a pleasant temptation, don’t ya think? 🙂

Mie Godhog

As our every single visit, mie godhog (Javanese style boiled noodle) is one of the must have on the list. This one is my parents’ favorite. They used thick noodle which is similar to Japanese udon noodle. The noodle served in thick savory chicken broth, generous chicken pieces, cabbage, tomato, egg plus sprinkled by celery, leeks and fried shallot. You can request the spiciness level if you want it not spicy-medium spicy-very spicy. This is a great companion during a rainy or cool night in Bandung.


IDR – 18,000 / US$ 1.80

Mie Goreng Jawa

My brother had Mie Goreng Jawa (Javanese style fried noole), which was thick noodle fried with chicken pieces, cabbage, tomato, leeks and fried shallot. This noodle was dominated by sweet-savory taste from sweet soy sauce and served on a sheet of banana leaf.


IDR – 19,000 / US$ 1.90

Tempe Penyet

The next one was Tempe Penyet (Relish crushed above fried tempeh). I reckon they coated the tempeh with seasoned flour before frying it. That’s why the tempeh is salty and savory plus the awesome super spicy relish made it yummier. Be patient, I will talk about the relish later 😛


IDR – 9,000 / US$ 0.90

Tahu Goreng

Another snack beside Tempe Penyet was Tahu Goreng (Fried tofu). Tahu goreng is a very common daily dish for Indonesian as a great companion to be eaten with steamed rice. But there is something different with the tahu goreng here, same with Tempe Penyet, they coated the tofu with the same thing before frying it. The fried tofu was crunchy, salty and interestingly hollowed. Hollowed? Yes, as when you bite it, you’ll realize that the tofu is not solid as there is a hollow inside. Interesting!


IDR – 9,000 / US$ 0.90

Paket Ayam Goreng

At that night, unfortunately the Bebek Penyet (Relish crushed above fried duck) was sold out so I ordered Ayam Penyet instead. Served on a plate layered with a sheet of banana leaf, I had one piece of fried chicken, one fried tofu, one fried tempe, rice and veggies (cabbage, chickpea and cucumber). Their relish is so spicy, made by red chili, garlic, shallot stir fried with oil. I am sure besides of all the yummy seasonings, the relish has significant role to enhance the whole taste.


IDR – 22,000 / US$ 2.20


Good service, affordable prices that are suitable even for students and delicious foods are all you can get here. I am not a luxurious or fancy restaurant minded person that I mainly prioritize food’s taste above other aspects. This place is fully recommended and I bet you won’t regret once giving a try!

The currency used is Indonesian Rupiah that can be converted generally to US$ as : US$ 1 = IDR 10.000

Rate : 8,8/10

Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet Surabaya

Jalan ABC no. 103 (Banceuy)

Bandung, West Java – Indonesia

My Family Java Trip, Here and There

My family used to have a Java trip when I was young. As the kids grow older and my parents become busier, it’s not easy to find a suitable time for family holiday. I can say those trips as a Java road trip and Banyuwangi is our last destination. Banyuwangi is where my grandparents from my dad lived there. This city is the east end of Java island in Indonesia. The trip started from Bandung-West Java, the city that we love and where we live in. We traveled by car and our first stop used to be Jogjakarta. This city is an independent province which is located in central-south of Java Island. Jogjakarta is always be a fascinating destination for me until now. It is just too pretty with a very viscous cultural and traditional atmosphere all around the city.

After Jogjakarta, our next destination was Solo, a one hour distant city from Jogjakarta which also has its own uniqueness and again, very rich with cultural sense which is a part of Central Java Province. One or two night(s) in Jogjakarta then another one night in Solo and our trip went through from Central Java to the eastern side which is Malang. Malang is a nice small city that has similar characteristics with my city, Bandung. We used to spend more days here since my uncle and his family lives here. I had a delighted childhood memories during the holiday with my brother and cousins in Malang.

The next destination was in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java province, such a big and metropolitan city. Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and I can say this is a very neat and well-organized city. Sometimes we stayed for one or two days or just transit and continued the trip directly to Banyuwangi. Actually we did not only visit those cities mentioned above but other cities are not our regular destination such as Kediri, Salatiga, Semarang, Pekalongan, Garut and Cirebon.

Our last Java long trip by car was in 2007 and last end year holiday, we just had another trip by plane. My parents are getting older and it will be very tiring if we go by car. Ok, actually it was not only them, but me and my brother strictly againts the car-traveling idea since it takes too much time to travel and will be sooo tiring. Hehehe.

Last year we went to Surabaya by plane and directly headed to Malang. This time we did not have plenty of time for holiday as we had in the past. We spent about 3 days in Malang and enjoyed the city so much. In Malang, we celebrated my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary at New Hongkong Restaurant. Another highlight in Malang was going to the Jatim Park-Batu. Batu is an area located outer Malang city, we have to travel about 1-1,5 hour to get there. Jatim Park is a very well-maintained outdoor and indoor zoo and animal museum from all around the world, such a nice and worth visiting tourism destination if you go to Malang.

We went to Banyuwangi afterwards for 4 days as well to see my grandparents’ house and met our relatives including visited my grandpa and some passed away elders’ cemeteries. We had a happy time in Banyuwangi including boating to Menjangan Island, a beautiful snorkeling and diving spot. Too bad the location seemed not well-maintained and most people who come are foreigners since many Indonesians not even know this place. Me and my family snorkeled and had a traditional lunch here which was so fun. In Banyuwangi, one of my grandparents’ neighbor has a noodle shop just beside the house, called Kedai Mitra. They are famous for the noodles, ice, and fried meat ball. I could say that all the dishes I had here were so delish and the fried meat ball is my all time favorite! It is a deep-fried pork and prawn meat balls that served with sweet chili sauce. This is so recommended! If someday one of you go here, don’t forget to give the “es kombinasi” a try as well. This is a kind of shaved ice served with condensed milk, ice cream and some Indonesian traditional kind of jelly (?) Hahaha I’m not sure for this part but I’m sure this ice tastes so good.

Four days in Banyuwangi then we headed to Bali which only took 2 hours travel by ferry. We spent about another 4 days in Bali. One of the highlight of our trip was the culinary adventure of course. Too bad that I didn’t take pictures in some places so I merely have this list as follow :

  1. 369 Dumpling House (Sam Liu Qiu) – Surabaya
  2. New Hongkong Chinese Restaurant – Malang
  3. Nasi Krengsengan and Sate Komo Bu Kris – Malang
  4. Kedai Mitra – Banyuwangi
  5. Naughty Nuris – Bali : Naughty Nuris is well-know for the spare-ribs as their specialty, the pork chop and everything meaty and yummy. There are several Naughty Nuris restaurants in Bali but the most crowded is still the first restaurant even the space is smallest compared to other Nuris restaurants.

    Welcome fat and cholesterol.. Hahaha. Super yummy ribs, pork chop and friends..

    Me and mom.. Seems she was not ready to be captured.. Hahaha..

    At Don Antonio Blanco Museum-Ubud,Bali

  6. Surya Cafe Jimbaran – Bali

    Indonesian Style of Grilled Fish

    Balinese Traditional Coconut Satay

  7. Lovina Beach Seafood – Bali

    A traditional one.. There were me, my mom, my uncle (wearing hat) and B’li Ketut as our driver and tour guide

    I miss these kind of foods so bad.. Grilled fish, pelecing kankung, sour and spicy fish soup and sambal matah (chili sauce)

    Bakmi Sumo – Bali

  8. Bakmi Sumo, the owner is my brother’s friend since junior high. This is a highly recommended pork noodle!

    Pork Noodle

     A family  holiday is always be a happy bonding time and a relaxing period to getaway from daily routines. I feel grateful that my family still have the opportunity to do this regularly. In the next post I may write another family trip in various destination. Ahhh how I miss my family so bad when I writing this post.. I want to meet them so bad.. I miss my parents and Noki 😦

    At Karma Kandara-Benoa,Bali

Homy Food Diary

Fruits and Cereal

What a fine breakfast in the middle of the week! I had this lovely breakfast last Wednesday. I love the color of these fruits and of course they are my favorite ones as well. I love how their sour and sweetness make me fresh..even just for a while since I easily get sleepy after having full tummy :p Paired them with a bowl of Keelogg’s is really a yeayy idea!

Sundanese Dinner yayyy!

I’m dying of eating Sundanese food last Tuesday, soooo I end up with this red rice, chicken + tofu bumbu kuning, sambal and veggie. I don’t know where to get this kind of food here. But luckily I still could get the spices in Asian Market. As the finishing touch I even sprinkled fried red onion over the rice. One more interesting thing about this is I had this dinner right from the pan. What a happy dinner at home since at that time my bf just bought me a table for dining, placed my in room. So we celebrated the new table by eating Sundanese dinner with paella (Spain food) look alike style. Hahaha.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken Dinner

Made this after having my first presentation in class, yeah it was around 3 weeks ago. That night, I had a strong desire to eat chicken kiev but I had no ingrendients to make it real. So I stuffed my chicken breast with chopped onion, garlic, lettuce, bacon and cheese then grilled it. I had it with mixed salad. Completing the happy time, that night I got a surprise that my bf sending me a flight ticket photo from Jakarta to Melbourne. So he was here for the last 2 and half weeks. I will post our exciting culinary journey in Melbourne later.  🙂

Having jam bread and glass of milk, what a classic brekkie

Super easy and fast breakfast to have when I waking up late for uni. :p white bread and lite milk.

Nissin Shoyu Ramen, my fave one!

This is my number one favorite instant noodle I just found. This noodle is from Nissin (Japanese food brand) comes with a delicious seasoning, shoyu sauce and grated nori. The noodle itself is really nice and supported with the super rich shoyu taste. I like it so much! I would bring dozen of this when I’m going back to Indonesia someday. Hahaha.

Homy Food, Spicy Chicken and Friends

This is my fourth week. One of the best part of living alone is improving your cooking ability, I guess. It is said there are sooo many places offer yummy foods to eat in Melbourne as it is one of the attraction of this city. The problem is, firstly I can’t go out or buy meal outside everyday, it will cause a lot of expense, secondly, I want to eat rice and the foods that I couldn’t find easily here. Sometimes I find rice that isn’t cooked well or different with my expectation. I don’t use to eat sandwich or bread to sate mmyself. I need rice. Give me hot rice and sambal (Indonesian chili sauce) then I can survive. I’m so Indonesian.

These 3 or 4 days I am craving to eat spicy foods! I can’t find any foods that can meet my spiciness expectation here. Even I have tried some spicy foods here like Indian, Korean and Shi Zhuan cuisine but I miss Indonesian food so bad. Yesterday I decided to cook (again) and I already bought a bottle of table salt for cooking :p No more sugar added for savory foods! I made spicy chicken, sambal and sauteed vegetable, which are soooo homemade. I always enjoy my cooking time even though I am not a good cook, but I try to.

The ingredients :

  1. boneless-skinless chicken breast – cut into long strips
  2. salt and pepper – my weapon for every savory dish I make
  3. lemon juice
  4. minced garlic and oil
  5. chili flakes
  6. real minced red chili
  7. small hump of bok choy
  8. white rice

The Simple and Fun Steps :

  1. Cook the rice (I used frying pan for cooking the rice because the rice cooker used by my housemate) Surprisingly, the rice cooked well. I just put washed rice, the right amount of water and cover the pan with a wide plate yeah since I have limited cooking utensils here. Hahahaha.
  2. While cooking the rice, I marinated the chicken strips with salt, pepper, chili flakes, a bit of lemon juice, minced chili and garlic. Then just leave it as I need to do something else.
  3. For the chili sauce or called “sambal” in Indonesian, I pre-heated the pan then put garlic and oil first. After smelling the aromatic garlic, I added minced red chili, added salt and a bit of lemon juice. Be careful of the amount of the lemon juice because its strong sourness possibly ruin your food.
  4. Fried the chicken for 3-5 minutes or until the color turning into golden and the outer side has reached desirable crisp.
  5. Last step, I sauteed the bok choy with garlic and slight chicken stock.
  6. Serve the spicy chicken, sauteed bok choy with chilli sauce and warm rice.

Anyway, I am a big fan of garlic because it can strengthen the smell and taste of foods.The final result of my dish, honestly I didn’t satisfied by the spiciness level of my cook. I want it to be more and more spicy  T_T. But I enjoyed my dinner a lot especially for the homy-feeling the food brought.

My homemade dinner, spicy chicken, sambal and sauteed veggie.

The Best Fried Duck-my opinion

I do really love Indonesian food, since I’m an Indonesian and because they do taste really delicious. Indonesian usually use many kind of spices and herbs to cook and it makes the foods even tastier. Okay and in this cloudy afternoon, I’m going to make a post about Indonesian style duck cooking. From what I remember, duck is already famous in Central Java like in Solo and Klaten or in Bali (nasi Bali, bebek betutu and else). But these recent years, duck has become one of everyone’s favorite too in my town, Bandung. A lot of duck restaurants popped, the ones with unique specialty survive and the rest just come and go. Most of them create and offer unique varieties of sambal (chili paste) and also spiciness levels as an attraction.

My family is such a fan of duck. We do love doing duck hunting, of course not literally hunt a duck hehehe.  I mean we use to try any restaurants that serve duck in their menus.

So far, our most favorite is Bebek Goreng (fried duck) at Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet. My favorite menu is Paket Bebek (Duck Package), which contains rice, 1 piece fried duck thigh/breast-optional, fried tofu, fried tempe (Indonesian traditional food made by fermented soy bean) and raw cabbage. Besides those, they also serve the package with very hot and spicy sambal. The sambal tastes really great, super spicy, maybe the spiciest among all that I usually eat. The sambal is made by minced red chili, sliced red onion, salt and oil. Because of its super spiciness, it is very possible that you are tearing while eating (like me). :p But in the same time, you just can’t stop eating because the taste is so damn good. This is really worth to try, an exciting eating experience especially for duck and spicy lovers. They always serve a good quality duck and they really know how to cook it well. The duck skin is dry fried and the flesh tastes tender, salty and savory. Damn good. The fried tofu and tempe are also tastier, they seasoned them with flavored flour before frying them. Very crunchy and savory.

Besides all of their goodness, the price is very friendly. The duck package costs IDR 26.000 OR US$ 2.75

As their Restaurant name, Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet (Mr. Karso Jogjanese Noodle & Chicken) they offer some Javanese noodle menus. My fave one is Mie Godhog, which is Noodle soup with chicken broth, sliced chicken, vegetables and egg. The noodle used is quite big, similar with Japanese noodle, udon. You can ask for the spiciness level to their waiter/ess.This one costs around IDR 21.000 (I forgot the exact price) or US$ 2.3

Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet

Jalan ABC no. 103 (Banceuy)